Stem-cell therapy: successful procedure in the news

Read the article on Chip’s recovery from crippling arthritis in The Toronto Star, July 18, 2009 (you’ll need to scroll the frame below the photo):



Her philosophy is refreshing

Rona has on more than on occasion impressed us with the level of care she has provided for our pets. She has made herself available at times when I wouldn’t expect a response from any other vet. Her philosophy is refreshing I appreciate the way that she always personalizes her advice to each individual. I would not hesitate to recommend Rona.

Great rapport with my pets

Rona has treated both my dog and my cat. I am impressed with her knowledge and great rapport with my pets. Rona is successful in using Chinese Medicine in her services (herbs and acupuncture) which is a great addition for her patients and really works – often when other things don’t.

Acupuncture Works!

Acupuncture at the hands of Dr. Rona Sherebrin works! Our 13-year old Coton De Tulear Bob, is testimony to her caring and gentle manner. If he could speak, he’d probably say these very words.

Rona is the reason my dog is still alive

Rona is thoroughly committed to the well-being of her animal patients as well as educating their owners on the treatment. I have very high regard for one quality in particular; that is, if she doesn’t know the answer, she will say so and then “doggedly” pursue information for a solution. Rona is the reason my dog is still alive after being given a death sentence of a lumbar tumor more than two years ago. She continues to educate herself in the latest and greatest techniques, as well as the oldest and most mysterious of Eastern medicine disciplines.