Botanical Medicine (Herbs)

Are there endangered plants or animals in the formula? What about contamination with toxins or heavy metals?

None of the products that Dr. Sherebrin uses have endangered species in them, most are organically grown, some sustainably wildcrafted, and all are third-party certified to be free of heavy metals, PCB’s, dioxin’s and bacterial contaminants. Extreme care must be taken when purchasing herbs or herbal formulas from health food stores, pet supply or online to ensure that no contaminants are in the formula and that our wild environment is preserved.

I’ve heard that you have to “cook” (decoct) chinese herbal formula’s yourself. Do the herbal formulas come as a tablet?

Most formulas are available in tablet, tincture and powder forms. No cooking is required.

Can herbs be given together with the medication my pet is currently taking?

Some herbs and medications are incompatible or contraindicated. An experienced veterinary herbalist such as Dr. Sherebrin has the training and knowledge to prevent negative interactions.

Why did my friends dog with arthritis get a different formula than my dog who also has arthritis?

According to TCVM theory, patients’ individual symptom and constitutional patterns are the most important diagnostic tools; the conventional western diagnosis (common name of the disease) may not be relevant.