Workshop: Cooking for your dog

There is great upcoming opportunity available, but only to the first 12 people to respond!
Hilary Watson, veterinary nutritionist, and Janet Craig, a licensed chef, are offering Canine Culinary 101, a workshop to train owners how to prepare home-cooked dog food recipes safely and in bulk using a community kitchen.

Normally these classes cost $55 per person; you receive 4 kilograms of food at the end of class.

A private class is being planned for Dr. Sherebrin and her clients, at a special reduced ratre of $10 per person.
Date: TBA, Bloor-Sherbourne area

A 3-hour cooking workshop AND 4 kilos of healthy prepared dog food for only $10.00!

What owners should bring:

• Tupperware storage containers or large

Ziploc bags that can hold 4 kg of food

• an apron

• a small cutting board

• a knife of choice

• a jar of HILARY’S BLEND supplement*

If you need to purchase a jar of Hilary’s Blend supplement, please let me know ASAP to allow time to order in stock.

No experience necessary! Novices very welcome!
Enjoy the company of other dog owners who
are as committed to their dog’s health as you are!

Pass this message along to any others who may be interested.


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