The Magic Curing Pill

Are you looking for an easy quick solution to your pet’s health issues?
Is your pet vomiting or having diarrhea? Does she have a dull, dry, itchy coat? Arthritis? Bad breath, dental disease, ear infections, flatulance, or runny eyes?
Do you want a cheap, easy to give pill that would solve the problem?

In that case, please stop reading this immediately and go elsewhere- that is not my approach to health care for pets.

Many conventional medications do work rapidly, BUT they just deal with symptoms, and usually not underlying causes.
Your dog or cat will be temporarily better, until the same issue recurs or another problem pops up.

Is there a BETTER way?

Yes! Treating your dog or cat holistically- NOT just dealing with the symptoms, but looking for and correcting underlying issues.

A veterinarian trained in TCVM has the tools to identify and correct systemic imbalances that can lead to disease, eliminating both the underlying problems as well as the symptoms.

Through diet, herbs and acupuncture, the body can heal itself and return to a balances state of wellness.

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