Another Pet Food Recall

More reasons to consider home-preparation of food for your companion! Even though cats can be very finicky, a minimally processed whole-foods diet is usually worth the effort. Make sure to check that the recipe you use is properly balanced and suitable for the individual requirements of your pet. Dr. Sherebrin can formulate a diet based on TCVM principles that can address current or potential health issues.
On May 21, Nutro Products announced a voluntary recall of two of their dry cat food products due to incorrect levels of zinc and potassium in the products. The following products are affected by the recall: Nutro® Natural Choice® Complete Care® Dry Cat Foods (with “Best If Used by Dates” between May 12 and August 22, 2010)Nutro® Max® Dry Cat Foods (with “Best If Used by Dates” between May 12 and August 22, 2010). The recall does not affect any other dog or cat food or treat products. Products were distributed across Canada and in ten other countries. While there have been no reports of illness pet owners whose cats may have ingested these products need to watch for symptoms that can include a decline in appetite or refusal to eat, weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea. Pet owners who have purchased these products should return the food to the retailer. For more information, call 1.800.833.5330 or visit

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