Her philosophy is refreshing

Rona has on more than on occasion impressed us with the level of care she has provided for our pets. She has made herself available at times when I wouldn’t expect a response from any other vet. Her philosophy is refreshing I appreciate the way that she always personalizes her advice to each […]

Another Pet Food Recall

Yet Another Pet Food Recall […]

What is Laser Acupuncture?

Laser Acupuncture uses an infrared “cold” laser beam to stimulate the acupuncture points instead of inserting needles into them. A feeling of warmth or tingling may temporarily occur. Laser Acupuncture is particularly indicated in sensitive, bony areas of the body such as the feet, or in areas that are dangerous to insert needles […]

Great rapport with my pets

Rona has treated both my dog and my cat. I am impressed with her knowledge and great rapport with my pets. Rona is successful in using Chinese Medicine in her services (herbs and acupuncture) which is a great addition for her patients and really works – often when other things don’t.

Good Dog! Treat Biscuits

½ cup apples ½ cup carrots 2 tbsp. FSA* 1.25 cups EACH brown rice flour, barley flour and Millet flour 3 tbsp. sunflower seed oil 1 pinch kelp or spirulina

Cook apples and carrots in water or chicken broth, drain, then puree.

Add in oil then flour, roll out dough and cut […]

Betsy-Wetsy diet: Urinary incontinence

In a large pot with adequate water boil up:

4 cups watercress 1 cup parsley (Italian) 6 cloves garlic 1 cup celery 2 cups Azuki beans ½ cup green onions ½ tsp. ginger powder ½ cup dried Shiitake mushrooms 1 cup pearl barley 1 cup green beans 2 cups cabbage 2 cups soup […]

Creaky Old Bones diet: Arthritis

Step 1: Make the broth

In a large pot place

12 cups of water 2 cups of Oxtails 2 cups of pork soft rib bones 1 cup diced celery 1 tsp. ginger powder 4 tbsp. fresh basil 6 cloves of garlic 6 tbsp. natural rice or cider vinegar

Bring to the boil […]

Heat Stress and your Dog


HEAT EXHAUSTION Heat Exhaustion occurs with exercise, particularly on hot, humid days. The symptoms are similar to those of heat stroke, but may not be associated with an elevation in body temperature, as is the case with heat stroke. Dogs more at risk are dogs with short, flattened noses, such as […]

Upcoming event

Dr. Sherebrin will be speaking at PawsWay, 245 Queens Quay, North Building, Toronto, ON May 30th about dealing with heat and exercise stress, in preparation for the “Walk for Dog Guides” on May 31

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Antibiotics: What’s Bugging You?

It seems like all you hear about these days is prebiotics and probiotics. Television advertisements, food and drink packaging, supplements, all proclaiming that they are extra special because they contain prebiotics or probiotics or both.