AVAC Courses and Continuing Education

The Association of Veterinary Acupuncturists of Canada

is pleased to announce that registration is open for the Basic

Veterinary Acupuncture course 2017-2018 in Toronto. Details

and registration at avacanada.org



The course integrates a balanced background of fundamentals of the scientific basis and application of acupuncture as well as a background in the fundamentals and applications of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The educational program provides acupuncture study and its clinical application for small animal as well as large animal, avian and exotic species. Graduates of the AVACĀ  basic acupuncture course are prepared for more advanced study of veterinary acupuncture from either a scientific or traditional Chinese medicine perspective and they can pursue the study of traditional Chinese veterinary herbology as well.

The curriculum of the course is not limited to the study of traditional Chinese medicine theory, but incorporates current scientific acupuncture theory and biomedical science in its application and approach to patient assessment and treatment. A variety of methods of patient examination and treatment are taught and demonstrated. The program prepares the participant for integration of acupuncture into clinical practice.

Classroom lectures begin with the anatomic, physiologic and historical aspects of acupuncture. As the course progresses patient assessment and diagnosis from a clinically scientific perspective and traditional Chinese medical theory approach are introduced. With a solid background in the varied integration of acupuncture theory, assessment, and treatment methods, the curriculum provides clinically useful ways to integrate the different approaches of acupuncture into veterinary practice. The laboratories teach hands-on palpatory skills and acupoint location as well as exposure to different methods of patient assessment and treatment by experienced clinicians with live patients.

This course prepares the student for both the written and practical examinations that are required for IVAS Certification in veterinary acupuncture for both small and large animals. The IVAS Certification has been internationally recognized for over 20 years. The student is also prepared to integrate acupuncture into practice and has the opportunity to personally arrange for observation of acupuncture in clinical practice with a network of IVAS certified practitioners.


Check back forĀ dates of upcoming advanced CE in Veterinary Acupuncture